" You're Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light" 

The Yankee Pedlar Inn  - Torrington, CT

Our time at the Yankee Pedlar Inn
was very enjoyable

We found the staff to be
quite friendly and extremely helpful.

We stayed in
The Conley's Room (353)
 very comfortably.

We will return to the inn again
and not just for investigating purposes."



There is a lot of history and stories to be told here
 at the
Yankee Pedlar Inn.

For more historical information visit
Visit the Official Yankee Pedlar Inn Website !

Details Of Our Investigation

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Yankee Pedlar Lobby

YouTube Channel Video

June & September 2012 

Ghost Gear Prep:

June 2012

There was so much to
prepare and get ready for...

We have had so many idea’s of how we would want to do things and run investigations as professional as possible. So, here you go folks! This is where THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. If there is something that you are drawn to do then JUST DO IT! So, here we go.

We spent the few days we had getting our Ghost Gear together and making our lists and checking them twice. We were very excited for this opportunity and about as ready as we would be. While we host with us all of the usual instruments to measure paranormal activity we have grown to know that God has given us the best tools ever… our senses including the most precious gift ever – common sense. For us, investigative work comes naturally and of course the fact that Ken has been doing investigations for 25 plus years also really enhances our ability to look at all sides of the coin.  We have a beautiful blend as a duo, we acknowledge how each situation makes us feel, what we we get at first blush and then we take a step back and work with our debunking and reasoning skills. Most of all we have fun and learn something new each time!

So, having said that …

We were on our way!

Arrival At The Inn:

June 2012

We arrived at the Inn around dinner time. When we pulled up we weren’t sure where to park so I went in to check in and find out where parking was. I was greeted by a very nice gal who told me that parking was in the rear. I told her that we were there to do a Paranormal Investigation overnight, and she immediately confirmed for me that Mrs. Conley (one of the original owners of the Inn who had passed away in room 353) was very much present in that room. As we became chatty, she shared with me a recent story of where a maid had went in to clean in the Conley’s room. The room is split in two, when you enter through the main door you first enter Mrs.Conley’s room and then to your right there is a doorway that leads right into Mr. Conley’s room and then to the bathroom. Apparently, the made went into clean Mr. Conley’s room, and when she came back into Mrs. Conley’s room, Mrs. Conley’s quilt had been pinned up against the wall. There have been reports of strong perfumes and definite bumps in the night.

Settling Into The Conley's Room:

June 2012

We unpacked the car and brought as much of our equipment in as we could in one fell swoop so we could use the elevator to bring it up to the third floor. Wait until you get a load out of the old fashion elevator ride in this place! As we entered The Conley’s room it felt very peaceful and quite. As we set our things down I immediately introduced ourselves letting the energies present know that we were there in peace and respect. We feel that it is always important to set the intention before each investigation and show that we respect all energies past, present and future.

Getting To Know The Pedlar:

June 2012

Once we were a bit settled in we decided to walk the halls to take some daytime photographs and perhaps talk to a few more people to see what we could learn.

We were able to photograph most of the Inn accept the basement this time. We would later cover the basement pretty extensively in our Part Two Investigation.

Hearing all of the stories about the Inn really made our experience come alive and look forward to sharing our own experiences.

Mrs. Conley's Rocking Chair:

June 2012

This is Mrs. Conley’s Rocking Chair in the Front Lobby of the Pedlar.

The rocking chair is blocked off so that no one can sit in it, but there are known stories of where the chair has rocked on its own.

Mrs. Conley's Chair did not move while we were around it during our investigation stay. 

Luke's Plate Story:

June 2012

During both of our investigations we had the pleasure of speaking with Luke at the Front Desk.  Luke is the guy credited for having the movie “The Innkeepers” filmed at the Inn. If you have seen the movie you then remember that the main male character in the movie was named Luke! Luke often works the overnight shift and said that while most nights it is pretty quiet, there was one night he remembers a plate being knocked off the wall. While it could have nothing to do with possible paranormal activity in the Inn, it is certainly one of those things that make you go

Telephone Rings By Itself:

June 2012

One of the other stories floating around is about this telephone on the wall of Bogey’s Tavern. Within these stories this telephone will tend to ring all by itself. There was even a story of seeing a gentleman on the phone that looked like Mr. Conley himself. When we had our dinner at Bogey’s we did not sit near the telephone thus not having any experiences with it.

"Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light:
June 2012

Right before dinner we decided to stop back at the room for a few minutes.  We left one of our digital audio recorders running in the Conley’s room the whole time that we were at the Inn. Later during evidence review we came across an EVP clip that was recorded just as we entered the room just before we went back out to have dinner. This clip can be heard on our evidence page here....

The female voice says, Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light.” While this clip is up for interpretation we did not feel she was being literal.  When we googled the saying we found conversations about people being closed minded. This goes along with our missions statement.

                           Our goal is to connect with the spirit world and
   learn as much as possible.

        Our belief is that a deeper connection
    is to be established and understood.

   Our focus is to capture and share
        as much of these experiences with you.”

We love this EVP because we do believe that with the right intentions you will find what you are looking for. With other intentions you will attract likewise. 
No matter the interpretation, it is a pretty amazing class  "A"  EVP and we are happy to share it with you!

Burning Sensation Phenomenon:

June 2012

Shortly after we arrived at the Pedlar and began making our way around the Inn I (Jenn) developed a burning sensation in my left back side. (I know, why is she bringing this up) Well, here is the thing. It is a known phenomenon for people to experience burning sensations in haunted places where there has been known paranormal activity. I have experienced something like this during one other investigation, but this experience started rather quickly after having checked into the Conley’s room and around the same time we captured the EVP in Mrs. Conley’s room. This feeling lasted for as long as we were at the Pedlar and went away about a half hour after having been home. This sensation never returned.

Dinner At Bogey's:

June 2012

FINALLY, It was time for Dinner!

We decided to dine at 

Bogey’s Restaurant & Pub.

 What a fantastic choice!

We were seated in the restaurant area of Bogey’s, small and quaint. To start, I ordered a glass of Merlot and water for Ken. For our appetizer we decided on a Chicken Caesar salad and wow! The chicken was so tender and everything was perfectly blended within the salad. YUM!  The chicken Caesar salad was not only so good but filled us up quite well. That in itself is good for a meal!



For my entrée I had the Fish and Chips and Ken had a Cajun burger
Both entrée’s were great, but we were just so filled from the amazing Caesar Salad. We were very happy with the atmosphere, friendly staff, and our meals!

     We tried to enjoy another meal at Bogey’s
           during our Part Two investigation. 

        This time we planned to dine
      in the
tavern section,
            but the kitchen had closed early.

"Work On The Third Floor We'd Like To Ask Her":

June 2012

After dinner we went back to the Conley’s Room to continue setting up for a bit. We also took a mini rest to catch our breath. Then, we went back down to the lobby to see if anyone would be willing to talk with us some more about the most recent stories of the Inn. We had our recorder going while we went down, and one of the Inn’s long term off and on employee graciously took a few minutes with us.

Later, during evidence review we realized that the female voice from earlier  was indeed chiming in again!

We were able to clip the audio and bring it forward to be heard.

The employee that we were speaking with was in the middle of talking about the basement and of how she herself doesn’t usually feel comfortable going into the basement. As she is in mid-sentence you can hear the voice say, “Work On The 3rd Floor We’d Like To Ask Her”.  We can tell that the woman must have been standing right beside us as the only other noise was background noise.  Pretty Neat! The voice is the same as the one who said, “Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light.  While this voice has yet to be identified with a name it is our assumption that it is indeed perhaps the late Mrs. Conley since it is her room we are staying in. Mrs. Conley is also the one we have been addressing since we had been there.

Official EVP Sessions:

June 2012

After we ran more wire to set up the remaining of our video equipment we did a few more EVP sessions. For this particular investigation we found that the ” Official EVP Sessions” were not necessary as the energies were speaking naturally to us as we interacted with them and enjoyed our stay. We may not have known it until Evidence Review time, but they certainly had things to say!

The Innkeepers Movie:

June 2012

It was approaching midnight, and we decided to step out to a local gas station for a quick snack and to walk around.

When we returned to the Conley’s room we decided to watch a little bit of the movie ”The Innkeepers” while we enjoyed our snack. We were able to get the movie to play on our kindle fire and relax for a bit. Neither Ken or I had seen the movie before. We both found it a strange feeling to be in the place where the movie was filmed and to be watching the movie at the same time. A little way’s into the movie I felt what seemed like someone tapping me on my leg. I reacted accordingly but was not frightened. I am used to these kinds of feelings as I have them often as a sensitive. I had hoped we would have something on audio to back up the feeling but instead it is something catalogued as an interesting experience.

 Movie Trailer:


Movie Articles:

Behind The Scenes: 


2 a.m. Resting Hour:

June 2012
Finally, at around the 2 a.m. we began to feel our bodies crashing as we had been on our feet all day. We decided to try and catch a few Zzzzzzzz’s if the energies would let us. Some might feel uncomfortable sleeping in a room where energies tend to roam the space but with all of the camera’s watching our back it was no trouble at all!


Shortly after the 3 o’clock  ”ruckus hour” we were pulled from our sleep by a loud crashKen gets up to investigate and finds that a tripod had been knocked down in Mr. Conley’s half of the room. This footage can be seen on our YouTube Channel here.

Later, after our 2nd investigation at the Inn we were going over our video clips on our YouTube Channel. As we  were listening to the audio portion of the tripod footage being knocked over we heard a familiar voice frequency that we picked up in an EVP clip from our Part Two investigation.  This means that the same male energy was present with us at both investigations and in Mr. Conley’s portion of the room suite. As previously stated the tripod was located in  Mr. Conley’s room when it was knocked over.

We will be going over the audio to see if we can understand what he is saying and put both audio clips side by side to compare. For now, you can hear the Part Two Investigation clip listed on our evidence page.  The clip is titled “Help Me”.

Perhaps this requires further investigating!

Completion Of Our Investigation - Part 1:

June 2012

As our first investigation at the Pedlar came to a close we knew we still had our work cut out for us. We still had all of our audio, video and photo’s to look through once we returned home.  For us, this is the exciting part to see what evidence might have been captured. Evidence Review time

We enjoyed our stay at the Pedlar and knew we would return again soon!

EVP Evidence Recap - Part One:

June 2012

Within the first hour or so of our evidence review we discovered our first EVP. During our investigation we left an audio recorder in room 353 (The Conley’s Room) the whole time that we were there. The audio captures us coming into the room from walking around the Inn doing our first picture sweep. You hear Ken and I talking back and forth in the room and then a second female voice chime in right over our voices. We believe it to be a response from perhaps Mrs. Conley. Before we began our investigation we spent some time addressing Mrs. Conley letting her know who we were and setting our intention. We asked her to join us during our time there and to communicate sharing anything she felt we ought to know.

The voice says, “Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light”.
This is the EVP we captured:

Our second EVP captured at the Pedlar was during an interview in the Lobby with one of the employees at the time. As we are recording our interview the same female voice chimes in once again. The employee was talking about how the basement makes her uncomfortable.

The voice says, ” Work On The Third Floor We’d Like To Ask Her.”
This is the EVP we captured:

We are excited about these clips because we know we have made direct contact here!

Photo Evidence Part 1:  
June 2012

One of the things people tend to capture in research or personal photo’s are something called “orbs”.

This is the only real orb that we captured during our investigation.

Hover over the photo for the orb to appear.

Photo's We Find Interesting - Part 1:  

June 2012
As we were going through our photographs from our first investigation we came across this interesting photograph. At the moment this picture was taken Ken had a feeling to just stick his hand into this room while the door was mostly shut and snap a photo. If you take a look in the mirror a Casper like face can be seen in the mirror. The face is looking down and also seems to be feeling sad as well. We just wanted to share this as we found it interesting!

Investigation Part 2:

June 2012

We were running late as usual but due to circumstances out of our control. We made it to the Pedlar just about the usual 6:00 dinner time. We checked in and introduced ourselves to the friendly gal behind the front desk who we hadn’t seen before. Our first priority was to locate and meet with the owner Sanjay to go over evidence from our first investigation.  We were very excited about this!

In the mean time we brought all of our equipment in and settled into room 353 The Conley’s Room once again. This time we decided we would set up and spend most of our time in Mr. Conley’s part of the hotel suite. No sooner had we walked in and I set my bags down near the bed did I hear a faint male voice! I said to Ken, “Did you hear that?!”  Usually Ken and I  both hear things together which helps validate what we heard but this time I was the only one who heard the voice. We didn’t even have our voice recorders running yet! We hurried to get the recorders out and later we would capture that same male voice in an EVP just before we leave the Inn!

Getting To Know The Basement:

June 2012


During our first investigation we didn’t spend any time investigating the basement so we wanted to be sure to cover as 
much of it as possible this time! At first blush we didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary during our first walk through. Luke was kind enough to show us around a bit.

After we got the general layout of the basement we decided that it was time for a quick bite to eat.

Upon our return we would run wire and set up a couple camera’s in the basement.

There have been a couple stories about the basement and descriptions that the basement has made people feel uncomfortable. We were going to decide for ourselves.

Dinner At The 99 In Torrington:

June 2012

Our favorite place Bogey’s closed early that night 
so we were forced to eat somewhere else. 

We have never really been a big fan of The 99, but we decided to give it a try. It was convenient and just down the road from the Pedlar by 5 minutes or so. The food was okay to Ken but blah by my taste standards.

Everything started off great! Our appetizer was a Seafood Chowder that was out of this worldWe DEFINITELY would recommend the Seafood Chowder for sure! We also had a Garden Salad with Raspberry Balsamic dressing, and that was very good also! 

One of my post favorite meals is Chicken Parm as a rule, and when I saw it on the menu I decided to make that my dinner selection. How could I go wrong with Chicken Parmesan! Well, if you are one that likes a lot of flavor in your food … DO NOT order this dish expecting to be wowed with flavor. It tasted like it came right out of the box and nuked. No love whatsoever. (lol) I know…. looks REALLY good by looking at the picture and looked Really good when I got it. Blah

Ken ordered the Shrimp Toscana with Linguini and also found this dish to be presenting but lacking flavor and zest.  We ordered dessert in hopes that the experience would redeem itself. Both the Key Lime Pie and Cannoli Chips Desserts were VERY good! These we would definitely recommend! YUM!

I would say that The 99 still remains one of our least favorite places to stop for a meal.
However, if you are looking for a place to have a drink, snack or dessert the 99 would be great!

Basement Investigation Begins: 

June 2012

One we returned  to the Inn from dinner we began running wire to the basement and setting up camera’s.  Ken was in the middle of setting up a camera in the area outside the laundry room door as I took snap shots of the surrounding area. All of a sudden I felt something on my hand and a presence up against me. This prompted me to say, no touching and to set the intention with the energy there. What is interesting is the photo snap I took right after having the feeling of being touched. There is a white circle in the middle of the picture. Hover over the photo to see another image without the circle. This sort of anomaly appeared in various basement pictures.

UPDATE: March 9, 2013

While attending a Paranormal Conference at the Yankee Pedlar we had the chance to visit the basement one more time. As we were taking pictures in the basement we were able to recreate the reflections off of the fluorescent hanging lighting. These images that were once anomalies to us have now been explained. 

Basement Photo Anomalies:  

June 2012

Below is another example of the basement photo's showing the same kind of anomaly.
We are sharing these as it has shown to be consistent in all area's of our basement photos.

UPDATE: March 9, 2013

While attending a Paranormal Conference at the Yankee Pedlar we had the chance to visit the basement one more time. As we were taking pictures in the basement we were able to recreate the reflections off of the fluorescent hanging lighting. These images that were once anomalies to us have now been explained. 


More Stories From Luke:

June 2012

Once we were done setting up in the basement we spent some time visiting at the front desk
There we listened to quite a few stories from a gentleman who stays there on a regular basis.

One of his stories is that of waking from sleeping and finding the night stand drawer pulled out and on the floor.

Luke being a long time employee of the Pedlar shared some more of his stories too.

One night while on duty, he heard someone punch the door near by real hard. He also witnessed a shadow figure whip around the corner and block off the light with its body. Luke said, “I’m Not In The Mood For This Tonight” and it went by one more time and then it was gone.

As told in one of our earlier blog entries, Luke tells the story of a plate that flips forward off a high shelf in the lobby. He said it was about 3 a.m. and it was like something pushed the plate forward and it fell to the ground without breaking.

Another time he heard a woman’s voice whisper his name “Luke”.

He also had a recorder going one night and captured this EVP:

Something About The 3 a.m. Ruckus Hour:

June 2012

You can almost count on something always happening around what we call the 3 a.m. ruckus hour. During the first investigation the tripod fell over/ got knocked over in Mr. Conley’s Room as we were sleeping. This time the camera got knocked over in the basement twice through the night and of course one of those times was right after 3 a.m. The area that this camera was in was the very same area where I felt my hand touched and where we caught the photo anomaly. We talk about this incident on our You Tube Channel here:

Final Conclusion :
September 23, 2012

Equipment Readings

We did  not work with our meters as much as we usually do during these investigations.
The only meter we used was the K2 meter, and there wasn't anything significant to record

Personal Experiences

There were three distinct personal experiences during our investigations at the Yankee Pedlar. The first experience was felt by Jenn while watching the  movie "The Innkeepers" during a snack break. It was an unexpected tapping on her leg as if someone was trying to get her attention. The experience was acknowledged out loud in case later during evidence review the audio captured something as well. After review of the audio there wasn't anything else recorded to back up this experience. We still catalogue all experiences felt by either one of us.  The second personal experience  was a clairaudient experience by Jenn during the second investigation upon entry of The Conley's Room for the first time. We were setting down our bags in Mr. Conley's room, and a faint male voice was heard quickly as if someone where laying down on the bed and was disturbed.  Jenn asked Ken if heard that and he did not. Unfortunately, we had just arrived and did not have our audio recorders on at the time. (now we know better) The third personal experience was also felt by Jenn while investigating the basement for the first time. The experience occurred right outside the laundry room. A feeling was felt on Jenn's hand as if being touched. This prompted photographs to be taken and an anomaly to be captured in the same area. 

Photograph Evidence
The most common evidence photo's of the paranormal are those that capture orbs. Even some orb photographs can be controversial but the brightness of this orb in the Pedlar Lobby speaks for itself.  The rest of the photograph's that we share is catalogued under "Interesting" as we acknowledge them.  Some of the photo's that fall under this category are :  Casper Looking Face , Basement Anomaly Following Feeling, Basement Anomalies

EVP Evidence
The EVP's captured during our investigations were amazing confirmations that we made direct connections with energies around us. It goes to show that if you treat Ghost and Spirit's with the respect that you would to someone in the body that you will establish a much  better connection. The old saying goes, "You attract more flies with honey". Ghost and Spirits are people too! Our first EVP was recorded in Mrs. Conley's room shortly after we set our intention of wanting to connect with her. We believe this could very well be her direct response,  "Your Never Going To Track Me By Ignoring The Light".  Our second EVP was recorded in the lobby during an interview with an employee. The same woman's voice captured in the first EVP can be heard again! This time the voice says, " Work On The Third Floor We'd Like To Ask Her." The Conley's Room is on the third floor so this makes sense to be the same voice! Our third EVP was recorded just as we were packing up and getting ready to leave from our second investigation. As the water is running, (water is a conduit for spirit as you know) a male voice can be heard saying, "Help me, Will you help me." 

Final Statement
We enjoyed both of our stays and investigations at the Yankee Pedlar! We look forward to returning each chance we get because there are most definitely energies here to be connected with and understood. We thank Sanjay and the Pedlar staff for being supportive and accommodating during each investigation. 


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